I was wondering would bitcrushing work for turning game music to sound more 8bit/chiptuney

if so how would I bit crush a wav file with audacity
if not how would I go about turning a wav file to sound more like this?

I have tried using GXSCC but I would need to know how to separate certain sound to another audio channel
so it can player them correctly

Can you point to a sound you like? Address? And then point to music you would like to convert. Any non-gamers are going to be lost by game and data buzz words.


Audacity has a thing called “Nyquist Prompt” in its Effects list. If you put “(quantize s 4)” into Nyquist Prompt, then apply Nyquist Prompt as if it was an effect, it will produce a bit-crush effect , ( the lower the number the lower the bit-depth )
bit-crush effect in ''Nyquist Prompt''in Audacity 2-1-1.png
You’ll probably want to apply equation after quantization to reduce the high-frequencies.

A free bit-crush plugin is “mda degrade” , however the most recent Audacity it will work in is 2.0.6.
The only bit-crusher I have which will work in the most recent version of Audacity (2.1.1.) is the one in DBlue Glitch 1.3

ok I put the code into the prompt thing and clicked preview and it sound the same

how do I install a demo of your glitch plugin?

Ensure that “Use legacy (version 3) syntax” is selected.

That attached “demo” is just a video demonstrating what the Glitch plugin bitcrusher looks & sounds like.
The demo is an ogv (ogg) open format video : so widely playable, including some internet browsers ,
( you can also play OGV files in Audacity if FFmpeg is installed , but you only get the sound, not the video).

The Glitch plugin V1.3 is not a “demo” version, it’s a fully functioning [old] free version.

UPDATE : I just noticed there is a dedicated bitcrushing plugin in that free download from dblue called “dblue_crusher” : it’s easier to operate than the bit-crusher within the dblue Glitch plugin , again real-time adjustment is possible when used in Audacity 2.1.X …

all my plugins in my plugin folder are .ny files how do I use a .ogv file

… nevermind like you said its a video/audio for the internet browser

also Trebor do you know how to use the glitch plugin?
if so could you help me make this music 8 bit
I don’t know how to use glitch :frowning:
it seems it just makes the music sound real awful

The dblue_crusher plugin is easier to use than Glitch if you just want a bitcrush effect.
[ The dblue_crusher plugin is in the same zip-file from “” where you got the Glitch plugin ].

I’d just apply bit-crush effect to the bassline for something that resembles 8-bit music …

Make a duplicate version of the music in Audacity , then remove everything above about 300Hz from the duplicate using Audacity’s equalizer, then apply dblue crusher effect to the duplicate with the settings shown above. The duplicate is now a bit-crushed bassline, mix that with the original music according to your own taste.

[ If you want to make authentic chip-tunes see “musagi” free sequencer software ]

hmm weird is sounds horrable
when i do it