Bit Rate Issue

Hello Audacity members,
Whenever I Import a file onto Audacity, and then I try to Export it at a Bit Rate of 192kbps, the file automatically reduced to in between 100-120 kbps, while ACX doesn’t accept.

I use below mode of Bit Rate for exporting a file

Preset: Extreme, 220-260 kbps
Variable: 170-210 kbps
Average: 192 kbps
Constant: 192 kbps

Audacity version 3.0.2, Windows 10

Can anyone please help me out with this issue?

The bitrate for ACX is not allowed to change. Use Constant 192.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 1.12.21 AM.png
That’s from the submission requirements here.

You only make the MP3 once at the end of reading and editing.

When you read some of your book, it is recommended that you File > Export each raw reading as a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file. Mistakes and all. Move that file to someplace safe as a backup. If something happens to the machine, you won’t have to read that part again.

You can File > Save an Audacity Project in addition to that if you want.

It’s a New User mistake to read a whole chapter into on Audacity Project, edit and process the Project, and then export the finished MP3 for submission to ACX. If anything happens to that Project and it becomes damaged or won’t open, you have to read the chapter again. If you have that WAV file, fix the machine problem, open the WAV file and keep going.

Move the WAV file to a thumb drive, second internal hard drive, or cloud storage, Not a folder on the main hard drive. If you need to use your WAV files, copy them back to your main drive and open them from there. Don’t make Audacity open a file on a cloud drive.


What reason do they give?

Ensure that “Bit rate mode” is set to “Constant”.