bit rate & gain level?

When I digitized vinyl with settings 96000 kHz (32-bit)and maximum gain level (about +30) the sound was loud but awful (at louder parts). When I tried digitizing with the same rate but no additional gain level, the sound on the transfer was OK but quiet, quieter than the record itself. Can anyone give me some tips as for gain level? Are 96000 kHz & 32-bit ok for transferring from vinyl?
And also, can I listen through RCA when digitizing? Or that can impact the transfer quality?
Sorry, if my questions are ordinary.

I’d recommend setting Audacity to 32-bit 44100 Hz (44100 Hz sample rate is ideal if the final show is going to be CD or MP3).
Adjust the record level so that the highest peaks in the Audacity track are about half the track height.
If you’'re recording from a USB turntable, yes you can connect the RCA outputs to an amplifier and listen while recording (that’s what the RCA connectors are intended for). Depending on the turntable the RCA connectors will need to be connected either to a “phono” input (for turntables that have no pre-amp built in), or “Line”/“Aux” input (if the turntable has a built-in pre-amp. Check your turntable manual to decide which is needed.

You may find this useful:

Thanks. Steve. In fact, I didn’t burn that file to CD, I played it on DVD player (through the receiver) from portable hard drive. As for the simultaneous listening through RCA, I was just thinking may be the signal out coming from turntable would be sort of split between the receiver and the computer, and that would make the recording signal less powerful? I hope it doesn’t. But I may also try software play through… For I need to monitor the sound when recording.

The standard sample rate for DVD is 48kHz (48000 Hz). If you are actually making a DVD disk with the audio then recording at 48kHz would probably be best. If you are just “playing through” the DVD player then either 44.1 or 48kHz will be fine, but I’d probably go with 44.1 kHz because it is the most compatible format (just about anything will play 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV files. So in short, record at 44.1/32 bit and Export as 16 bit WAV when you have finished editing.

Yes the signal is “split” but the hardware is designed to work that way. The signal is “split” between both the analogue (RCA) and the digital USB whether you listen to the RCA output or not, so it should make no difference to the recording quality.
Listening to the RCA output is probably better than using the software playthrough option as it is less demanding on the computer.

Thanks. I’ll try it out.