Bit Rate Flac export option missing in 3.4.2

When exporting a file as FLAC with 3.4.2 now, there is no option to chose bit rate like there used to be. HOw do I change this now? It seems locked in at 128kbps and I need to export at much higher rate. When exporting as an MP3 this option is available but not with FLAC.

With FLAC you don’t get to choose the bitrate. You can choose the “level”. At a higher level the algorithm “works harder” and takes more time to try and get a lower bitrate (smaller file). IIRC, they’ve combined some of the levels.

A “CD quality” WAV file (16-bit, 44.11kHz, 2-channels) has a bitrate of 1411kbps. With FLAC you can usually get around 700-800kbps depending on how easy the particular material is to compress.

FLAC is lossless so you can only compress so-much. With MP3 and other lossy compression, they can throw-away as much information as necessary to get the desired bitrate.

At higher resolution you get proportionally larger or smaller WAV or FLAC files. i.e. The FLAC can usually get about half the size & bitrate of the uncompressed original.

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