Binaural Spin using Sine table

I am a new user of audacity and just tried to create the binaural spin effects using the sine table with phase shifts.the use of sine table gives the complete control of number of rotations between the left and right stereo . this plugin has one control - number of cycles around the ears.I don’t know whether some others have tried it before…
binaural spin using sine table.ny (301 Bytes)

binaural spin.ny seems to be complicated to understand :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

sine table is simpler . Any feedback on the effects… :unamused: :unamused:

Congratulations on successfully producing a working plug-in.

When applied to simple tone signals, the effect seems reasonably convincing, but with more complex sounds (such as pink noise, or complex music), the effect sounds to me more like a side to side motion rather than “spinning”. I think this is because the change in amplitude alone is not sufficient to convince the brain that the sound source is rotating - additional psycho-acoustic “clues” are required, such as Doppler shifts and/or spectral shifts.

Ideally, the plug-in should provide some protection against user error, such as throwing a meaningful error if the user attempts to use the effect on a mono track. It is also recommended for all new plug-ins to be written as the latest “version” (currently “;version 4”).

Updating to version 4, and adding a check for stereo tracks can be done quite simply:

;nyquist plug-in
;version 4
;type process
;name "Binaural using sine table..."

;control cycles "Number of cycle" real "cycles" 1 1 20

(setf freq (/ cycles (get-duration 2)))

(if (arrayp *track*)
      (mult(aref *track* 0)(hzosc freq  *sine-table* 45))
      (mult(aref *track* 1)(hzosc freq  *sine-table* 135)))
    "Error.\nStereo track required.")