Big annoying problem with Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10

So I’ve been having this huge annoying issue with Audacity where, it’ll close after I close my computer, or just not save a file completely after I click “Save as.” Lately though, it’s just been closing, and I had bunch of projects open. After I reopened it, the crash recovery box came up. The projects were recovered, however 2 of them weren’t. It’s extremely annoying because I don’t know why this is happening, but more importantly, how to get my projects back. I went to the temp folder and there were only 4-5 AU files. What can/should I do to get them back? Thanks

So, you use a laptop, not sure about if this will help to avoid future problems, but make sure that in power settings in your control panel, the behavior of your OS is set to “do nothing” when closing the screen, that way it will only switch the screen off without entering in suspension or something else.

I had bunch of projects open.

What’s a bunch? Audacity management isn’t open ended. Some of the effects and filters must be executed entirely in memory and if there is no memory left, that’s not good news.

When was the last time you optimized your drive? If it’s a Solid State Drive, you don’t, but if it’s a legacy spinning metal drive, it will eventually get all tangled up with file fragments and disjointed saving patterns.

And speaking of fragments, if Audacity crashed (vanished while still open), it can certainly create damage to the show, but the trash it leaves behind can encourage the next crash. In Windows, clean shutdown with Shift+Shutdown, Wait, and Start.

How long are the shows? Some effects make a copy of the whole show as UNDO and you have to put that copy somewhere.

Are any of your drives Network, or Cloud? Audacity doesn’t much like those for “live” editing. They’re not production stable.

Has this happened before? We occasionally get posts from people whose machines crash constantly, but Audacity always managed to rescue the productions…except that last time.


Generally, you can’t get them back.

And as koz notes, do not use Audacity on cloud or network drives, in any version.

Have you tried Audacity 3.0.2? It has a new .aup file structure using SQLite that may work better for you. I won’t say it is perfect.