BIAS plug-in trial expired message[SOLVED]

Upon startup I get this dialogue box.

How can I arrange to NOT get this?

Thank you in advance.

OS X 10.7.5
Audacity 2.0.2
installed from dmg

This was happening with 2.0.0 also.

Get rid of (or pay for) the plug-in that is causing it.

If you press “Authorize” in your image you will probably find what plug-in it is.


That’s a great suggestion except that 1. BIAS no longer exists so it is impossible to pay for it and 2. there is no such plug-in in the plug-ins folder.

We do not know who who makes the plug-in unless you state that.

Audacity has no connection with BIAS and does not ship with it.

You will need to look in the system VST or system Audio Units folders for it:



Mac will hide all those folders, so I suggest you open Finder, then Go > Go to Folder and enter each of those addresses in turn.


I figured it out and Gale your suggestion was right. I had to go to the root Library/Audio/Plugins, change the permissions on a couple of folders, delete the correct plugins, and no more dialogue box upon booting up audacity. Thanks!

Thanks for posting how you fixed it :smiley: