Best way to repeat middle section of a song?

Hi, I’m new so sorry if this is really basic.
I have a song that I’m trying to extend. Eg it’s currently Beginning Middle End, and I want it to be Beginning Middle Middle Middle End.
I’ve tried splitting, copy and pasting but it feels really clunky and I’m not sure I’m doing it quite right.

leave a little excess for overlap, then crossfade …

I won’t attempt to give you the exact steps, but I’d do something like this.

Open the file, then Tracks → Add New to create two more empty tracks.

Copy the music into all 3 tracks. (When you play or export they will be mixed.)

You can delete from (or “silence”) each track to make beginning. middle, and end sections.

You can also click & drag the name above each track to move it around time. Zoom-in for more precision.

Leave a little extra audio so you can make a short crossfade for a smooth splice. Maybe start with a 0.1 second crossfade, but you can go longer or shorter for whatever sounds best.

This will most-likely require some trial-and-error.

Or you might want to make the 1st splice first, export as a temporary file, then re-open and add the end section.

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