Best way to apply reverb to 4 part harmony

Just completed all the tracks for a song including multi layered vocals.
At some point I want to apply fx mainly reverb.
There are 4 part harmonies on the chorus so I am thinking of creating a seperate mix of this (pan and level) then exporting this to its own audio snapshot .
Stage two is to import it and apply reverb using the copy track method and apply reverb to the copy.
Does anyone have a more efficient way of doing this?

I would probably use a similar approach, but if there’s not a huge number of tracks I’d keep it all in one project:

  1. Make a “sub-mix” of the harmony tracks by selecting those tracks (after setting pan and gain) and apply “Tracks menu > Mix and render to new track”.
    This retains the original tracks, which I would then mute and minimize (mute button, then click on the ^ at the bottom of the track info panel to collapse the track to minimum height). The new, mixed, “harmony” track is at the bottom of the project, which I would then name appropriately.

  2. Make a duplicate of the mixed “harmony” track.

  3. Apply reverb (wet only) to the duplicate track and name it something like “h-reverb”.

  4. Check how it sounds and save a new backup with a unique name (“my-project-018”)

Thanks Steve , glad to know I’m on the right track ( no pun intended!)

Here’s the finished article - all recorded/sung/played/mixed by me using Audacity

That turned out aright didn’t it :slight_smile:

Agreed — cool song – enjoyed. Is a DL available? - As opposed to’s low quality. —A video is usually lossy and low bitrate audio - then Youtube recodes/converts/degrades it further, or what ever they do in their undisclosed manner, or undisclosed last time I checked.