Best way to align copy/paste w rhythm of track?

Hello folks, using audacity for the first time. A bit perplexed about copy paste and how to get the pasted audio to align with the main track. I saw something online about creating a beat grid using a click track, also read in the manual about visually aligning the tracks. Is this really the best way to do it? For example if you have a repeating section in a song and you want to paste over one section with a better take of the same section. I have been trying to do this to some band practice recordings but when I paste them they are out of sync.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? In other programs I have used there was a find beats command and it would make a grid that you could snap too. Thanks very much for any input!

Initially inspect both tracks together in Spectrogram view, (logarithmic scale),
then time shift the retake until it matches the corresponding spectrogram pattern on the original.
You may then need to finesse the timing alignment in waveform view to get it perfect*.

[* If the [human ?] drummer has not kept exact time, the retake may not fit the original exactly ].