Best way to adjust level using Microsoft Sound Mapper?

Windows 10 - 2.3.0

When I am recording using Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input I can adjust the “Start Monitoring” bar using either the volume control on my computer keyboard or the microphone slider in the upper left portion of the Audacity software screen. I was wondering should I be using one or the other or a combination of both for the best result?

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On my HP laptop, the Audacity and Windows recording levels AND playback levels are joined at the hip. If I change one, the other follows (perhaps after a small delay).

However, note that volume control on my computer keyboard controls the OUTPUT level NOT the INPUT level. To adjust the input level from Windows, run “mmsys.cpl” from the Windows search screen, select Recording > Microphone > Properties > Levels. See also Fix microphone problems

So I use which one is easiest for me at the moment. For the input level, I use the Audacity slider; for the output level, I use the keyboard.

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If I understand correctly it would make no difference to the audio quality no matter whether you use the computer keyboard volume control or the software slider control or a combination of the two. Just use the method that is easier for the user?

Yes. that is correct. :smiley: