Best waveform transform filters

I’ve checked all Nyquist filters, Audacity filters and Cyanide filter.
Could you recommend the best free filters you use for waveform transform?
I’m loking a filters which can transform the sound to a shattering glass, heavy distorsion (different than Audacity one).

TriDirt by Noiseware is worth the effort of download.

Did you try the [u]Distortion Effects[/u]? some of those settings should be capable of severe distortion

I’m not sure what you’re after but a low-bitrate MP3 or maybe a CODEC/format designed for speech can “damage” the sound…

“Distortion Effect” or “audio effect” is probably a better search term than “filter”. Typically [u]filters[/u] are designed to filter-out certain sounds without affecting/distorting the remaining sound.

Thank you. I did try TriDirt and Distorsion but didn’t get that heavy damage of shattering.
Distorsion have a lot of modular parameters.