Best VST Plugins For Audacity That I can Buy

I wanna buy some Audacity VST Plugins. I love the free ones but I kinda wanna check out the expensive counterparts.

Can anyone give me a list of what VST Plugins I can use / buy?

*PS: I have all the free ones lol.

Have you checked out all the LADPA and Nyquist plug-ins? They are nearly all free and there are hundreds of them.
If you really want to part with some money…

For VST, you would be better to use a dedicated VST host program. Audacity’s support for VST is limited.

Yeah everytime I try to do the Nyquist plugins, um, it doesn’t work.

I put the .ny file in the plugins folder where all the other dlls are any I never see it in the effects menu. Do I have to bring up the Nyquist prompt and put in some command?

Audacity 1.3.5 has a load of Nyquist and LADSPA plug-ins included with it.
Uninstall your current version and do a clean install of Audacity 1.3.5 - check that the included effects work before you install any VSTs.

(I suppose your Nyquist plugins are ones decigned for Audacity.)
After installation, you have saveral .ny files in subfolder.
Try if they work (as said in previous post) and put your .ny files to the same folder.

{Added: you can look inside the .ny file. One of the first several lines show the title under which it appears in menues.}

Not all .ny files are effects - some are listed in the Analysis menu, and some in the Generate menu (depending on what type of plug-in they are. Have a look at a clean installation of Audacity 1.3.5 first (as suggested previously).

I could post links to some weird sounds that I’ve made using Audacity with LADSPA and Nyquist plug-ins if you’re interested.