Best settings for my Voice? Please help

Hello there
If anybody kind enough to help and guide me proper setting for my voice I will be very helpful.
im trying to learn audacity

what should be best settings for a well balanced, crisp, clear but also powerful voice.

i have attached a raw recording and not liking my own sound “it sounds different too”

Thank you


Sounds like “audio enhancements”, (e.g. noise reduction & compression), have been applied,
probably before the audio reached Audacity.
Such recording enhancements should be turned off for a faithful recording .

Recording on the computer seems like a good idea, and the microphone makers let you think their microphone is a gift from the angels, but it’s harder than it seems.

As above, dig in Windows Preferences and turn off all the enhancements, filters, and effects. If you use Skype, Zoom, Meetings, etc, make sure they’re completely turned off and not napping in the corner.

I have a story about getting a production computer from the Systems Department on the sixth floor and they accidentally left Windows “Cathedral Effects” running in the sound. It sounded glorious, but I really just wanted to record my voice clean.

Make sure you’re about a Hawaiian Shaka away from your microphone…

… And make sure you’re announcing into the correct side of the microphone. One well-known microphone got this wrong once in the instruction book.

Make sure your room is quiet and with no echoes. Nothing says beginner faster than “Bathroom Voice.” That can’t be fixed later. Bathroom Voice is forever.

Then, after you get all the recording damage out of the way, we’ll take up actual enhancements. If you’re studio, microphone, or technique is damaged, you’ll never get there.

There is one performer oddity that nobody talks about. Everybody hates their own voice. The first time you hear yourself accurately, you’re likely to gasp and say, “Good Night! Do I really sound like that?”

Yes, you probably do.

Are you trying for audiobooks? There are a number of special tools and techniques for that.


I think I can hear room echo behind you. Are you in an office with a wooden floor and bare walls?

You might be a customer for a Kitchen Table Sound Studio.


no sir i even trurned off the fan this is a raw recording

i just trying to record a video course for stock market

i just trying to record a video course for stock market

Good to know that at the beginning. The rules change if you appear on camera. Do you? Is the presentation all graphics?


The audio processing can be on by default: you don’t have to turn it on.
audio processing happens before the sound reaches Audacity.

yes its all graphic and screen capture

oh I didn’t know that

I think I see where we’re going with this. “Normal” for your computer is start a Zoom meeting with the other people at work. The goal is for them to understand what you’re saying and the quality of your voice doesn’t much matter. It’s a telephone. To get there, both Zoom and your computer automatically apply all kinds of processing and corrections.

To get a good, pure voice recording, you need to turn it all off—if you can find it all. That and record in a quiet, echo-free room. Waaaaay down at the bottom of the list is get a good microphone. This is one of the reasons I’m a fan of not recording on the computer. Making it stop “helping you” can be a career move.

I have had good luck with recording my voice on my phone in a good room, but I had to stop recommending that when Apple stopped supporting the file transfers. Shucks.

Google “Windows Enhancements.” That will be good start. Dig in Windows and turn all that off. Then clean shutdown your machine. Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start and don’t let anything else start. Record your voice and see if that doesn’t sound cleaner. You’ll still need to get rid of the bare-floor room reverberation (talking in a bathroom).

As you launch your career, it’s good to note that you mispronounced the name of the product. It’s Catskill Farms, not Catskill Farm. Clients don’t like it when you mangle their names.


Thank you Koz this is helpful.

yes I have checked it I have mispronounced :laughing:

Thanks again for all the good tips

You don’t have to go in for the full Kitchen Table Sound Studio, although that’s the sweet spot between cost, size, and making your voice sound good.

There are simpler ways. There is a how-to announcer on Youtube that created a terrific voice recording by crawling under a blanket in his bathroom. That’s a desperation method, but it does work.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but there is a Youtube Explainer that I can’t watch because even though his graphics and video are terrific, he sounds like he’s recording his shows in a wooden-floor bare room. I have a stupid joke that I can tell the size of his office by analyzing the echoes. It’s that bad.

The Audiobook people have a line here. Avoid anything that distracts from the show.