Best settings for blue yeti? Or tips for the blue yeti?

Hey guys, i’m melideas and have some problems with my mic. I always try to make it sound better, clearer and more professional - sometimes that works, but sometimes not. I always mess around with the setting, because i’m not sure what settings are the best for quality.

Settings on the blue yeti itself:

cardoid or how its called (the butt-icon)
Volume is one quarter or less, not more
I speak in the side of the micro, not in the head or something.

In windows my volume setting from the mic is at 2-10 (change it sometimes) and on 48000 Hz.

I have not much background noise, just a few clicks and stuff, but later on i filter them out of my audioline.

You guys have some tips for me? Some help? I dont know where the perfect “distance” for my head is and yeah…sometimes i’m really in front of it, sometimes 5cm away, sometimes 2,5cm - i cant tell a difference but sometimes when i record a long gameplay…there are 2 chances - i sound like a blurry something…yeah…it sounds like that the sound is… not fuzzy (you can hear what i’m say) but… dull discribe it right i guess.

I tried my best to get a CLEAR voice, but always something ruins it…but i just dont know what.

Here is what i do with the audioline: After i finished my audioline, i do 3 lines - 1 with NOTHING, just the mic recording itself. Then i filter that out of my audioline. THen i do the same with “mouseclicks” (i record them and filter them out) - same for tipping on my keyboard. After that i’m using the compressor (or how its called in ENG - i’m german and my eng is not so good), then bass boost with 6 and yeah…thats all. (its base boost in eng i guess)

That’s all i do…sometimes it sounds good…and another time like a pile of shit. I’m frustrated.

I hope someone can help me with that & i hope i gave you all the infos you could need.


Post a high quality MP3 on the forum (or any posting service of your choice) of what you sound like immediately after a recording session, but before you make any adjustments or changes.

There’s a very common problem where inexperienced announcers make adjustments to the recording system by paying attention to the wrong things, frequently leading to noise, volume problems, distortion, etc.


…sometimes 5cm away, sometimes 2,5cm

That’s way too close. Around 15- 30 cm would be more-normal for “studio recording”.

If you are too close with a directional (cardioid) microphone, you get the proximity effect (bass boost), and if you move either direction by about 1cm, you’ll probably going to get a noticeable change in level as well a change in the as proximity effect.

You’ll get cleaner, more consistent sound with a little more distance. Of course with more distance, you get a weaker signal and you tend to pick-up more room noise and room reverb. So it is a bit of a trade-off and you need to speak with a strong-consistent voice.

Thanks for the answers - i do let’s plays, so i’m always 5-6cm in front of the mic.

I just got a negative MP3 for you, the good ones are already mixed up. So i have to wait for a good example.

Here is the bad one. Its a bit of my audioline of a bad one.

Okay guys, found the problem. I used too much filters and in the end it destroys my whole audioquality. Noise-reduction filters you know.