Best plugins / effects to use for voice?

Hi looking for some advice here if possible…

I’ve just got to grips with using audacity and im recording a backing track and my voice singing thru a mic, what I’m interested in knowing is which plugins are recomended to improve the effect of the voice i’ve had a little play around with echo but im sure there maybe someone who does the same and uses certain plugins or settings.

Ive installed LADSPA plugins 0.4.15 installer so i got quite a few to choose from…

any help much appreciated. :smiley:

I always get nervous with questions like that. Do you have any idea where you’re going with this? Sometimes having a goal goes a long way to providing an effects roadmap instead of “trying a bunch of stuff.”

Did you do a top quality job of recording your voice? Good quality microphone in a quiet room with a blast screen?

Quite a few effects change depending on your voice. If your voice peaks in the 3000 range then it’s naturally grating to the ear and a little gentle equalizing will work wonders–built in, by the way.

Select your voice and open the equalizer. Pull the window out really wide so you can see what you’re doing. Then click and pull the blue line like this:

–or download voice.jpg from here:

Listen to what it sounds like. Mess with the curve until you sound the way you like.

Of course it’s a given that you’re listening on high quality speakers, right? Computer speakers won’t do it when you’re posting your voice. You’re going to send your voice to somebody and they’re going to write back, “You sound OK, but what’s that funny rumble in the background?”

What rumble? I don’t hear any rumble…

He’s listening on his killer office sound system and can hear that air conditioning noise you can’t.


thats for your reply ill give that a go… :smiley:

I was messing around with a relatively cheap USB microphone just to see how it worked. It worked remarkably well. It made my voice clear and natural–and poppy. Every “P” sound went ripping through the system like a small explosive charge.

I wasn’t willing to give up because everything else worked so well, so I put my blast filter on and the problem vanished.

That’s that round thing in front of the microphone. A lady’s stocking stretched over a tennis racket. I could probably get rid of the pops in Audacity, but for a little money, I saved hours of filtering and compressing. And got a much better voice out of it.