best Mp3 and Wav export settings ?

Windows 10 64 bit
Can I get the default Mp3 and Wave export settings…I cant find them in the manual Ive been doing this a while but I always get confused at this point…Im making Mps to post on the net and Wavs to make cds..its mostly jazz and classical guitar…also best blank CDs to use…CD-R DVD-RW ? I`m a musician not a computer person…this stuff really confuses me…thanks

There are two grades higher than standard MP3: Extreme & Insane …
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Audio CDs run at 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. I think that’s the Audacity WAV default. See the little window in the Audacity lower left. If you File > Export your work at that standard, then making the CD is perfect and the CD authoring and burning program doesn’t have to convert anything.

CD-R. Burn as an Audio Disk. There’s a common mistake that you can drag a music file to the disk and burn your brains out. That will give you a Data CD and not an Audio CD. A shiny flat hard drive. That will not play in your car. You need a CD authoring program such as Windows Media in Windows and QuickTime for Macs. That will let you arrange the songs in the order you want and let you scan and step forward and back when you play the disk.

Please note that Audio CDs don’t naturally have song titles. You could play one in your car and might say TRACK-1 TRACK-2, etc.

CD-RW (re-writable) is hard to burn and it won’t play on all CD players. Run away. DVD (Digital Video Disk) is for videos and movies.

Usually the MP3 presets will work OK, but not always. The classic, legacy method is Constant. Everybody can play those. That’s the one you need when you submit your audiobook performance to ACX/Audible. So not everybody can handle Variable or Preset Extreme or Insane. Pay attention to your audience or client.

From fuzzy memory, Constant 192 used to be the Audacity default MP3 format. That works.


Thanks…one other question…I recorded some music at 48000…is that going mess things up ?

Your files will be a bit bigger than if the sample rate was 44100 Hz. Other than that there’s not really much difference. 44100 Hz is generally recommended for compatibility with everything.

If you want your files to be 44100, just change the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) to 44100 before you export. Audacity will then export at 44100.

Ok… thanks again… I’m starting to understand this stuff