Best mic to record vocals and guitar?

Hi everyone. Can I get some recommendations for a mic to record acoustic guitars? Price up to $400. Thank you.

I don’t have a recommendation for you, but you will need an audio interface (or mixer, etc.) with a proper balanced input. Stage & studio mics are not compatible with a “regular soundcard”.

The most common type of microphone for vocals (and almost everything else in a studio) is a “cardioid large diaphragm condenser”.

And the main difference in sound quality/character is frequency response and that can be largely adjusted/compensated for with EQ so don’t get too caught-up in any “magical qualities” of certain microphones.

Your topic title says “to record vocals” :confused:

You will find lots of relevant information in this forum thread: budget (usb) mic for classical guitar recording needed

A note here. The first consideration for recording anything is to do it in a quiet room. Can you tell your computer is on just by listening? That can limit your choice of microphone. USB microphones shouldn’t get much more than about six feet (2M) away from the computer.

I have a good sound treated room, but I have to lock the wall clock up when I record anything, turn off the whiny internet modem, unplug the keyboard music system and miss the Metrobus going by.

That seems pretty simple, but we’re sitting in a completely soundproofed conference room with padded and treated air ducts, special lights and heavy drapes on the windows.


Sorry everyone, I meant to say best mic to record vocals and guitar. That’s what happens when you don’t get enough sleep :slight_smile:

What’s your price range?


I use the Rode NT1-A which, to me, produces very warm sounding recordings. I think you will like the results on vocals and guitars. Here is a review on it to give you more info

I’m surprised by that as a lot of reviews say that it sounds a bit “thin”. Personally I like this mic as it has extremely low self-noise, and a pretty flat frequency response, so you’re not fighting against the characteristics of the mic when applying Eq. I’d say that a “pop filter” is essential when using this mic for vocals (as is the case with most large diaphragm condenser mics).

Hi Steve! Sorry, I did forget to say in my last comment that I do use a pop filter with the Rode NT1A when I record myself singing. However, wouldn’t that be the norm when recording vocals with any mic?

Normally yes, but with a few notable exceptions such as “beatboxing”.
I was just adding that pop blast tends to be a more serious problem with large diaphragm microphones. It can be worse still for ribbon mics, because the ribbon is extremely thin and may be broken if blown on.

I’ve been recording simple home-studio tunes with an Audio Technica 4033 (from this review of [Advert removed by moderator], recommended for live use by my friend and guitar-ace Stephen Bennett, but I’m just curious to hear about some exceptional mics that have a great “bang for your buck” to em. Spaced pair or large diaphragm, let’s hear it!