Best Gaming Headset MIC for Commentary?

I’m looking for a good gaming headset MIC for audio commentary.

Either live-in game commentary or for recording voice-over work in Audacity.

I’ve heard the Astro A40’s are good.

Has anyone used them or have any other suggestions?

Nobody posting on the forum for help ever stops and does reviews. The forum elves aren’t likely to have this particular headset. Someone might.

I will tell you that the “straight” A40 is an analog headset and that usually means you need to get your computer soundcard to boost the microphone volume for Audacity. Nobody is going to give Windows soundcards any awards for high quality or stability. Game commentary (or Skype) is very, very different from broadcast/entertainment voice work. If you get a job to do voice over for a client, the voice needs to be clear, undistorted, non-popping, and quiet. That’s different from yelling over mortar fire, exploding tanks and pulsing theme music.

That’s just general notes. I know nothing about this headset (it seems really nice). But I don’t think I would smash those two jobs together like that.


The Astro A40’s are definitely a great pair of gaming headset.

However if you already own a headphone then it isn’t worth going for a completely new headset.

for 3/4th the price of Astro A40 you can get a great performing condenser mic like the Samson Meteor [Advert deleted]

However if you want to go a little more cheap then you can check this guide about good microphone for [Advert deleted]

I hope that will able to help you a little more.

Astro A40 is good microphone for gaming. But, you can go with Sony ECM CS10… Its cheap too.
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Astro A40’s are really great, and popular among online gamers. You may also go for Turtle Beach X12. Remember that these headphones offer no matched recording quality as that of condenser or other mics.

Lots of good options here: [Advert deleted] - depends how you’re doing things, are you setting up a mic into a capture card or doing it in post production?

Astro A50 is invincible for recording audio. But at the same time, this headset is very expensive. So Instead of that you should check SteelSeries Siberia 200 or may be Logitech g933. Both of the aforementioned headsets are superb with their mic. You can further check [Advert deleted].

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