Best bluetooth mics for recording

I am recording weekly meetings with audacity on a PC which works well except for 2 out of 4 meeting holders speak too softly to be recorded very well. I would like to give all 4 speakers a Bluetooth microphone. What would be the one or two good choices?

Maybe 4 Bluetooth receivers and an audio mixer with USB output?

Or an audio interface with multi-track recording software in place of the mixer and Audacity?

Thank you for responding, I will look into the 4 Bluetooth receivers.

Have you used bluetooth kit before? I think they’re a little less a gift from the angels than you think. I don’t think pairing is automatic. You have to fire them up and “marry” them to each other on usage. The fidelity and voice quality can come and go with the connection and the connection isn’t always so stable.

I know people in modest productions who struggled with the Miracle of Bluetooth and eventually gave up and ran wires.

That’s the plane-spotting crew at LAX. Kevin (in the middle) has wireless earbuds, but everything else is wired.


No, I haven’t used Bluetooth kit., I’m a novice. Thank you for the heads up on Bluetooth. I will look for an alternative—I’ m thinking pretty low tech as this is a non profit.

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