Beringer XR18

We went digital at church. I’m having a difficult time finding the right hook ups to be able to record the preaching. Can Audacity record over the wifi hookup with the xr18?

It will probably be easier to use the computer’s built-in sound card, and since you’re recording an internet stream it’s unlikely that the xr18 will improve the sound quality.

See here for how to record sounds that are playing on the computer: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual

No. The Wifi is just for mixing - no audio.

The easiest thing is to record out of the mixer’s headphone output into a stand-alone recorder, e.g. Zoom.

You could route/copy the main L/R outputs to USB 1 and 2 and record into Audacity via USB(IN 1-2 (BEHRINGER X-AIR)) via MME.
To route, on the X-AIR software, select IN/OUT in upper right-hand corner, then in In/Out window, select USB Sends then click on the GREEN CIRCLE and click in the USB 1 row underneath MAIN L, and the USB 2 row underneath MAIN R. It’s best to make a note of the original settings before changing anything. If you do this, set Audacity’s record rate to 48000Hz to match that of the X-AIR.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you, I’m gonna give this a try