Behringer XENYX 1832FX Issue - HELP!

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with my XENYX 1832FX mixer. If I knew what component to replace, I could easily do it myself, but I’m not quite sure where to start!

Here’s the issue:

Normally, I plug a set of studio monitors to the mixer, and then have my audio out from my PC run to the mixer via usb. This setup has been working perfectly for about a year. However, upon power-up yesterday, I noticed that my right monitor had very loud and choppy noise/static. Immediately I thought that there might be something wrong with the monitor or the cable, but after checking both these things, I realized the problem is elsewhere. I then suspected grounding, but the the noise is only on the right channel, and I did try different wall outlets, so that’s not the problem.

Even with no inputs (just the mixer plugged in and the monitors attached to it), there is still a lot of hissing on the right channel! I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something wrong internally solely with the right output channel; maybe something popped/blew up inside? The weird thing is that everything was working perfectly during my 2nd last session, and no settings or knobs were tampered with at all.

Can someone advise?

First thing to try is to turn it off completely (unplug from the mains) and leave it for at least an hour before switching it on again. If the fault is caused by something in the digital electronics then this should allow it to reset.

If the problem persists, turn down all of the gain controls and all of the level sliders and mute all channels. Don’t forget the fx and aux channels. Physically unplug all inputs including the USB. Do you still get noise in the left channel? If you plug headphones into the mixer do you hear noise in the left channel?