Behringer X32 Mixing Desk

Have downloaded the relevant drivers from the Behringer website but when I attempt to record simultaneous multitracks from an X32 desk to audacity I only have the option of selecting ‘In 1-2 Behringer USB’ under recording devices. This only gives me a stereo input and not the 16 tracks I need! I can record to these tracks from two channels on the mixing desk. What am I missing? Thanks

Please post your “Audio Device Info” (
That will tell us what options are available to Audacity.

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deviceinfo.txt (7.12 KB)

Your “deviceinfo.txt” confirms that “In 1-2 Behringer USB” is the only Behringer recording device that Audacity can see.
You will probably be able to access multiple channels with a recording app that supports ASIO, but unfortunately Audacity cannot ship with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions.

If you have experience with C++ programming, then it is possible to build Audacity with ASIO support (let me know if you want to do that), otherwise you could try Reaper or similar.

You probably need a [u]DAW[/u] (Digital Audio Workstation application). Unfortunately, most DAWs are not free. I don’t have a recommendation… REAPER is probably the best “bargain” at $60 USD for the home/small business license with a very-fair upgrade policy. (There is no “lite” or “pro” version, just a pro license.) But. it’s highly configurable/customizable so I think it’s most popular among techie-type users, and probably not the easiest to learn.

Or, it is a “mixer” so I assume there’s a way to record the stereo mix, if you wanted to do that. And, although you can can’t multi-track record, you can multitrack mix if you want to record & add tracks later.

Also, Cakewalk is now free. See:

And here are detailed instructions for creating Audacity 2.4.1 with ASIO support (easier than I thought!):

And here are instruction for 2.4.2: