Behringer X32 and ASIO - Input selection

Recently picked up a Behringer X32 board and I’m using Audacity to record multitracks with the USB ASIO drivers. I have been successful in compiling Audacity to use ASIO and have been able to record audio just fine. I do have questions about how Audacity integrates with ASIO.

We are using 26 input channels (out of 32) but not all are used at the same time during recordings. However, in order to record multitracks the only choice offered in the software is having to record all 26 inputs (or whatever the highest input is being used at the time). Is there any way to select only the specific ASIO inputs I want to record (ie. Inputs 11,12,13,20,22,24,26)?

Also, starting a recording with all 26 inputs selected results in 26 new Audio Tracks. This is expected, but what I find really annoying is that they are all labeled the same. Is there a configuration or setting somewhere that can increment the track names to include sequential numbers? Or better yet, pick up the ASIO names assigned by the Behringer USB driver software?

Currently no, but you asked at a good time because there is someone working on this and they have produced an experimental patch toward providing this functionality.
I’m not sure how patches are applied in Windows (I use Linux), but as you successfully built Audacity with ASIO support you should have no problems with making a patched version.

The patch was released on the developers mailing list:
I think that the current version of the patch is 5A, but it would be worth at least skim reading the whole topic to get an overview.

There is also a parallel topic here on the forum:
The forum topic would be a good place to ask if you need help applying the patch.

Thank you very much for the reply, Steve. I will see about compiling this and testing the patch for my application. Looks promising!