behringer UM2 can't connect guitar on Line 2

Audacity 2.4.2 Windows 10 OS Build 19041.746

Just bought a Uphoria UM2. Can connect and record mike and guitar on Line 1, but not Line 2. The box is showing the signal light, and the guitar input is picked up on the monitoring, but that line input seemingly not getting picked up by Audacity. UM2 set as default recoding device, and Apps, including Audacity given control. I have tried going through the sound settings according to suggestions on this site for this problem from 2019, but that hasn’t helped.

Help welcomed!

If you set and capture the UM2 in stereo, the XLR microphone will appear on the left and the instrument input on the right. If you capture in mono, The XLR microphone will appear, but not the instrument.

I don’t know what happens to the UM2 headphone monitor. I haven’t tried that.

Quick note. The UM2 doesn’t overload or clip at the same volume as Audacity. It’s safest to go with the UM2 signal and overload lights.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. However, unless I am missing something, I have tried that. Am I correct that you are referring to the mono/stereo tab on the dashboard? Selecting stereo just means that the one input is shown duplicated for both channels. Otherwise no difference.


I think I might have cracked it, using info from an old post on here. Found where to change the default format for the device to two channel. Here’s hoping.


Hello. Did you figure out how to have input 2 for audacity using um2?

Easiest way to record the guitar only is to plug it into input 1. The input level may need turning up a bit more, but it should work.

Can someone help me to set up my um2 to audacity?

Why are you trying to setup a um2 in Audacity?