behringer uca222 w/windows10

Just got a native windows 10, using a uca222, along w/audacity 2.1.2 .exe installer…
For 2 years using Windows7 with audacity 2.1.1 & uca222… no problems.
With new set up, same as before, I am transferring stereo analog tapes to Digital.
The new computer & Audacity does not allow me to transfer to L&R, it combines it to mono on both channels.
It comes out of mixer properly into the uca222, but some how goes to mono in the recording process.
Tried various settings Does not affect problem. All prior 2.1.1 recordings play in stereo on the 2.1.2 version.
Also, if I pause a recording (as I have done before upgrade with, no problem) for a few seconds, it wont come out of pause.Please Help…Warren

I’m pretty sure Windows can do that. Dig in the Windows sound setup panels and make sure it’s not forcing a mono mix. I don’t think the UCA222 is capable of doing that and Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters or corrections during recording.

If you need heavier help, we should wait for a Windows elf.


If you have not found it yet, see this FAQ: It applies to Windows 10 as well.

Do a cold boot of the computer if that problem persists. Windows Start, Power Menu, hold SHIFT and click on Shut Down.