Behringer UCA202 USB SOUND CARD question

I read in one of the answers given in this forum that this
Behringer UCA202 USB Audio Interface sound card was recommended for a better recording and playback audio quality

I have been trying got find it in stores, but it does not exist anywhere here in Oregon
Can someone please tell me where to find it?
Thanks a lot

The internet.

I’ll bet it exists somewhere in Oregon! I’m in Ontario and none of the big box electronic stores, computer stores, or audio/visual outlets had USB audio interfaces. However, the local store that sells musical instruments and recording equipment (Long & McQuade) had a varied selection. Surely the birthplace of “Grunge” and the home of Nirvana has such a store! :slight_smile: Long & McQuade has several stores in British Columbia if you’re brave enough to venture North of the border.


amazon usa

they shoudl be able to ship to oregon and canada

there is amazon uk
not sure if there is amazon canada
but perhaps other canadian stores who could ship intracountry

else rent a ups “po” box in oregon or
use mailboxes etc/usa whatever it is called
and have it shipped to their address for you to pick up

ask the store in oregon to order it from amazon for you

buy something else !!
that was just a good cheap unit
there are lots more good ones at larger price