Behringer UCA202 High Pitched Noise

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the set-up of my home recording studio. Firstly, i’ll describe the problem.

I’m trying to record and layer multiple tracks through a mixer into a Behringer UCA202 using Audacity 2.0.2, and whenever I record a track I am hearing a high pitched oscillating noise upon playback. Now, I have had a look around the web, including this site, and I’ve tried disabling the on-board sound card and just utilising the UCA202, but the problem persists.

The equipment I am using is as follows:

Mackie ProFX12
Behringer UCA202
AKG Perception 220 Condenser
Shure SM58.

For the set-up, i’ve tried running from the “tape out” using 2 RCA into the RCA input on the Behringer, with a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pros running straight out of the headphone jack of the Mackie with no other loop back into the UCA202. I’ve tried the same thing, but with the HD 280s running from the headphone out on the UCA202, and still no luck. Even when I isolate everything but the Mackie (RCA) to UCA202 (USB) to PC with no other cables and no headphone or monitors I’m still hearing the noise upon playback. In terms of sound settings on my computer, I have the recording input set to USB Audio Device, and the playback set the same.

This may well be a rookie question, but as the AKG Perception 220 requires 48v phantom power (which the Mackie ProFX12 provides) could THAT be the source of the problem?

Any ideas, suggestions or advice would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

If your computer is a laptop, try unplugging the power cord from the laptop and running on batteries.

Nope, not a laptop unfortunately :frowning:

If you disconnect the Mackie, does the problem not happen?

Is this a fairly low level (but irritating) noise?

If the Mackie and the computer are plugged into different power sockets, use an adaptor or extension lead so that both are connected to the same power socket.

The Mackie should provide 48V Phantom only to the 3-pin XLR microphone connectors.

Is the Monitor switch on the UCA202 set to Off?

Do you get the interference when you plug the headphones into the Mackie?


Even when disconnecting the Mackie after recording, I am still hearing feedback during playback as it has been recorded on to the track.

It is quite low level, and I have found I can reduce the buzz by turning off the ‘USB THRU’ switch on the Mackie but it still doesn’t disappear completely.

The buss continues with the monitor switch on the UCA202 both off and on.

The interference (or high pitched buzz) occurs when I have the headphones into the Mackie as well.

I have tested out using the Mackie’s USB output to record straight to the PC (completely taking the UCA202 out of the equation), and the noise is gone. This is great for single tracks, but it won’t allow overdubbing.

I am thinking at this point of just forking out the cash for a firewire audio interface!

What if you record (silence) from the UCA 202 with the Mackie disconnected? Does the recording still have the same noise?