Behringer UCA202 ASIO Driver

I’ve just started using the Behringer UCA202 interface to record music using Audacity. The first few recordings were done just by connecting the UCA202 to the USB. The recordings were OK but seemed to lack some depth and dynamics. I thought if I downloaded Behringer’s ASIO driver it would improve the recording quality. After I downloaded the driver it appears in my program files but it only appears as a sound device or in my driver files when the UCA202 is connected. It doesn’t show in my audio devices folder when not connected. If I’ve downloaded the driver shouldn’t it appear in the audio devices folder even it it’s not connected? Also, when recording with Audacity now, how do I know if the downloaded driver is being used or if it’s just using the driver from the UCA202? BTW, I’m using Windows XP and the stable version of Audacity.

No it won’t show up unless you have compiled Audacity from the source code to include ASIO support. Audacity can not ship with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions. (ASIO is under a restrictive license owned by Steinberg).

ASIO drivers will not affect the sound quality in any way. The main advantage of ASIO is that it provides low latency, which is important if you are using VST instruments, but is not really relevant to Audacity as Audacity does not do “real time” processing.

To be honest, I think that must be to do with either the signal that you are providing, or the processing that you are doing. The dynamic range and frequency response of the UCA 202 are excellent and capable of producing very high quality audio.

I think that must be to do with either the signal that you are providing, or the processing that you are doing.

I’m recording directly from the rca line out on a DirecTV receiver to the UCA202. What processing could I do through Audacity that would improve the quality?

It depends on what is wrong with the quality.
Can you upload a short sample somewhere on the internet (preferably in FLAC format) and post a link. Add a description of what you don’t like about the quality and I’m sure you’ll get some suggestions for improving it.

In Audacity while recording I have no control on input levels since it’s line level. But, I tried an experiment by connecting the headphone jack out from my A/V receiver through the usb sound card. Now I can control the input volume with the stereo receiver. I get much better sound levels and reproduction. This would lead me to believe that the direct line out from the sat receiver needs amplification. I assume when you connect a TV or VCR to the sat receiver’s line outs the other connected components have some sort of audio signal processing of their own. My computer doesn’t have that capability as far as amplifying.

So, I think it would create better sound quality by going through the amp first, right?