Behringer UCA 202 Questions

I have been considering purchasing this to record Skype calls in Audacity. I need to know of this will record what I hear? Also, can I use a USB Samson microphone with this? Lastly, how do I set this up for stereo mix and use my headphones to monitor what it is recording?

Sorry about so many questions, but I’m new to this and am very unsure.

Audacity is not good for Recording Skype. It is difficult to get both sides of the conversation at similar volumes. Specialist Skype recording programs (such as Pamela) work a lot better for recording Skype.

The Behringer UCA 202 is a decent little USB sound card but it is designed specifically for recording “line level” signals (such as the output of a mixing desk). There are a couple of reviews of it in this thread:
Stereo Mix with the UCA 202 usually (depending on the Operating System) requires using a stereo audio lead to connect the output to the input (and use the headphone socket for monitoring).

The USB Samson microphone does not require any additional sound card - it plugs directly into a USB socket of the computer.

Audacity can only record from one audio device at a time.