Behringer/Sonoma 14.3.1 not recording

Hi, I bought a Behringer UCA202 a few days ago to replace my old Citronic AC-1USB interface which doesn’t appear to work with OS Sonoma 14.3.1 (as USB Audio CODEC wasn’t showing). While everything looks set to work when i plug my turntable into the Behringer, and the Behringer into my MacBook Air (M1), I’m getting a flat line when i try to record on Audacity. There is flickering green activity in one of the channels but no sound anywhere (I’ve plugged headphones into the Behringer). Probably making a basic error but any help would be appreciated! Thank you

I have the same issue, I have used the Behringer UCA202 connected to a windows 10 laptop for a few years and recently bought a Mac Studio. No amount of tinkering with the settings will get it to record anything. Both Audacity and the Mac Studio sees and recognises the USB Audio Codec and I’ve even connected the mixer with DAC built in and still nothing. I’m still looking, will let you know if I find a fix.

I found the issue. There is a permission switch in Privacy & Security.
On your MacBook Air, go to settings, Privacy & Security, microphones and then ensure Audacity is switched on.
It definitely allows me to record audio.
Tony P

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve already made sure the mic is on for Audacity in Privacy & Security but still nothing. Do you know if the inputs on the Behringer can definitely take phono plugs without going through an amp or spme other stage. To reiterate - I’m going turntable into Behringer, then Behringer into USB port on MacBook Air. Before the Behringer I had a Citronic AC-1USB interface to do the same job. Unlike the Behringer it had a switch for Line or Phono. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Sonoma otherwise I’d have stuck with it.

The UCA-202 is for line level inputs, not phono. You need a phono pre-amp, or the UFO-202.

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