Behringer q802USB

I bought present for my wife: mixer q802usb, 2 microphones, keyboard. She would like to record songs: voice+keyboard and classic guitar connected to second microphone.
I connected mixer to my previous PC with XP, and we could record voice
But my od PC doesn’t work so now I have PC with WIN 10. I installed drivers from Berhingers site:ASIO4ALL, and now I don’t know how to record, how to configure audacity.
We are a bit frustrated because I are beginers in recording and I don’t know how to start? when I could fine tips, tutorilals ??

By the way, Audacity as shipped does not support ASIO so will not work with the ASIO4ALL drivers advertised on The link Behringer gives just leads to… which won’t include any standard WDM drivers that Audacity could use.

To set up your mixer you might want to look at the Q802USB Manual


Thank you Gale,
I connected keyboard and microphones to mixer, and then mixer to speakers, it works,
but I don’t know how to record 2 track in audacity, maby you know another program to recording songs, that works with this mixer?
I uninstalled asio :slight_smile:
thanks again

I would assume it uses the regular Microsoft-supplied USB audio drivers (except if you run an ASIO application).

With the Behringer plugged-in, right-click the Windows speaker/volume icon and select Recording Devices. The Behringer or “USB something” should show-up.

If it doesn’t show up, that’s a driver/hardware/Windows problem (It could be a bad USB cable or a bad USB port). If Windows sees it Audacity should see it and you should be able to select it as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. (Plug in the USB before starting Audacity.)

OK, THANKS :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m currently looking at buying the Behringer q802usb as well but the only review I could find is this and since you’ve had your mixer for a while, I was just wondering if you recommend it until now? Thanks for your insights, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile: