Behringer q802usb - help with effects

hello guys,
just got my new mixer,
replaced it with behringer xenyx502 for the only reason the q802usb suppose to have effects,
only effect i’m looking for is echo while singing/recording.
does anyone here own this mixer and can guide me how to do so?
Thank you, Eitan.

This is the Audacity Forum, not the Behringer Forum . Have you considered looking at the manual for the product? As far as I can see you would be expected to add reverb by adding an external effects device.

You don’t have to do live effects. You can do effects after recording. There are many advantages of that - you have complete Undo and Redo control. Audacity has a good Reverb effect .


Correct. It has an Effects Send. Plug that into whatever separate echo generator you bought and then bring the output of that generator back into the mixer to mix it with your live voice. Or instead of your live voice. I can’t go any further without ripping into the instruction book.

thank you very much for your help.
there are problems with behringer forum, this is the next place i have found.
i have tried to read the manual, but in 2 comments you have helped more.
thank you very much,

So we know, what are the problems? Don’t they answer?


The Audacity and one or two video forums are very odd ducks because of response time. Audacity has active forum elves over 10 time zones and the response time to a question can be down to minutes. Most “User to User” forum response times can be days or weeks. To avoid that, some forums have one or two elves paid by the company. Some don’t.

If you scan through their forum you may find the same name popping up repeatedly, or a name with the company shield on their logo. If you find the last posting was weeks old or an ad for kitchen cabinets, then you have a dead forum.