Behringer PMP6000

I have a Behringer Powered Mixer PMP 6000 .
I’m running 1 pair of passive monitors and 1pair of passive mainspeaker using the Mon1/Mono Amp Mode.
Now i’d like to add a powered Subwoofer .How can I run this set up without changing my present setup ?
thank you for any help

Most powered subs have line level in and out connections.

See connector 61 in the manual:
Run the Insert “send” (ring of a stereo 1/4" jack) to your powered sub, and connect the line level output from the sub to the Insert “return” (tip of the stereo 1/4" jack).

If you have any doubts about this, contact Behringer or the dealer that you bought the PMP6000 from.

Hello Steve,
Thank you for your replay.I’ll try it out soon.

you can run 1/4 from the mono output to your powered sub, and useing the knob directly above the mono slider you can control the frequency of the sub as well, but be sure to move the switch to the on possition for the sub filter