Behringer Mixer and Audio Interface with Audac

I’ve got a UCA202 usb audio interface and I’ve plugged in a Shure 565sd Microphone, plugged up the out puts to the inputs on the uca202 and vice versa…and I’ve installed all drivers. I just can seem to figure out how to record with the mic onto audacity. I’m completely new to mixers but I’ve used audacity for quite some time. I just need some help like what buttons to press, which knobs to turn etc. I have the Behringer EURORACK UB802 mixer. Thank you!

The Behringer stuff comes with pretty good manuals which will help you get everything wired up correctly.

Make sure that the UCA 202 is connected to the computer before you open Audacity.

In Audacity:
Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O tab" Select the USB device for Recording and Playback. Do NOT choose Microsoft SoundMapper if you are on Windows.

For more help, check out the “Tips” and “Tutorials” links at top of this page.

I’ve got everything hooked up correctly I’m pretty sure. Mic in the XLR input. Tape out to the input of my behringer U control uca202, tape in on the mixer goes to output of the uca202. i followed some steps i found in a thread on this site. i cilck the meter level and start seeing a thick red line jumpin around. But when i record all i get is a small slightly wavy line. is it supposed to be more than this?

If the red recording meters in Audacity bounce up to -6dB, that will produce a blue waveform in the recorded track that peaks at about +/- 0.5
If the meter’s reach 0dB then you may notice a small red “clip indicator” at the top of the meter scale. The waveform will then peak at +/-1.0 and will probably sound distorted. To avoid distortion the recording level should be below 0dB at all times. If the blue waveform has its highest peaks at 0.5 on the vertical scale (or higher, but always less than 1.0), then you have a good recording level.

ok well one small problem now the recording meter doesnt respond when i click it…what could be going on?