behringer guitar link

I can’t get the headphone output to work on my usg102 guitar link. I’m using windows 7 and audacity. Any ideas?

There’s a Behringer UCG-102.

Do you have the headphone volume control turned up on the side?

If you have headphones with a mini plug, did you get the right adapter?


yes, I have the volume up and have the right adapter I wonder if the unit could be defective

Yes it is a UCG102. I have it turned up and have the right jack but no sound.

Can you record the guitar? If the unit has lights, are they on?

If you set the unit for playback in Windows and Audacity, can you hear Audacity playback?

Can you try any of this on another computer — like maybe your old one.


yes, everything seems to work but the headphones. But I’m having trouble with downloading the driver where it says configure the driver for audio applications. It says start the ASIO-USB Control Panel from within the audio software (may be called ASIO Config or similar) I can’t find the control panel?

Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO, so don’t bet the farm on that one. Yes, if everything works but the headphone, the unit may be fried. As First Level Maintenance, I would pull the headphone plug out and scrub it with Windex, alcohol, or vodka. Dry thoroughly. Plug it in and turn it a couple of times. If you’re using an adapter, scrub both plugs. Don’t use lotion-impregnated tissues.

Of course make sure your headphones play somewhere else, with the adapters.

Do you remember where your receipts are?


Yeah, I just got it yesterday but can you tell me if the light on the unit is on should the headphones work or is it something else in the download part of it that powers the headphones?

Also, why does behringer supply an asio driver for use with audacity?

If the USB light is on, the unit should be working. Did you try playing to the unit? Set the unit as a playback device.

Audacity is included with everything because it’s free and it runs on any computer. It’s usually out of date and we advise getting the latest one (2.1.0) from here.


I have some information about the UCG102, but unfortunately it is not good news.

@Koz, you can knock the UCG102 off your list of recommended devices for overdubbing.

@ washenberger It is not possible listen to (“monitor”) the live recording when using Audacity without a very significant amount of delay (“latency” delay).

This is because (unlike the UCA202 and similar) the UCG102 does not have “direct monitoring” ( The only way to monitor what is being recorded is to route the input of the device to the headphone output via the computer (“software playthrough”). Unfortunately, unless you use ASIO drivers, “software playthrough” on Windows is too slow to provide monitoring without a very significant delay, which sounds like an echo.

Audacity cannot be distributed with ASIO support due to licensing issues. Audacity can be built with ASIO support (can be very tricky unless you are a programmer) for personal use but cannot be legally distributed.

You would need to ask Behringer that as the UCG102 is not our product and we have no say in what they do.
Behringer include an outdated version of Audacity as part of the “standard bundle” that they provide for most of their computer music range.

You should be able to use the UCG102 as a recording interface with Audacity without ASIO if you do not require “live monitoring”. It is a little trickier to do so because you must rely on the meters to set your levels and you will only be able to hear your guitar acoustically (not through the headphones). If you require live monitoring, I would recommend that you use recording software that supports ASIO. If you want to use the guitar effects software that is provided for the UCG102 you will need to use ASIO.

To playback tracks that have already been recorded through the UCG102, you must select the UCG102 as the playback device in the device toolbar. This “should” work in Audacity with normal Windows drivers (but I don’t have a UCG102 so I can’t test it).

Audacity 1.2.6 as supplied by Behringer in their software bundle is (very) obsolete and no longer supported.

Thanks, Steve.

I posted about that problem here and they said they would notify the web team. The download is still Audacity 1.2.6 right now.