Behringer C1-U or Samson CO1U or Blue Snowball iCE

Hello all!

New to the forum and would like to know if the Behringer or Samson would be much better than the Snowball iCE which is what i currently own, I’m a podcaster that frequently makes videos using microphones to record voice overs!


I see. The Snowball iCE is the stripped-down version of a Snowball. Only one capsule, no pattern switching, etc.

Both the Behringer and the Samson had very nice microphones in the non-U version. The minute you go to the USB versions, you get all the USB problems: six foot maximum cable run, lower than normal vocal volume, no preamp controls, a possibility of data interference and very difficult multi-microphone connections.

Is that where you were eventually going with this? Multi-microphone?

You can’t just jam both microphones into the computer. Audacity will only conveniently record from one without a lot of driver fuss.

While I suspect the Behringer is probably the better microphone, the Samson has a headphone connection and that can be very handy for overdubbing. The G-Track was the one I used when I wrote the early overdubbing tutorial.

I liked that one and I was sorry to give it back to its owner.

We have been noticing a plague of mosquitoes. Many USB microphone systems have a “frying mosquitoes” noise behind the voice and it’s rough to get rid of it in post production. If you have a microphone you like and it’s quiet and well-behaved, I’d stick with it. Your next stop is skip the USB and all of its problems and go straight to a small mixer and regular microphones.

What’s your podcast address?


I do have a sound clip of the mosquito sound. Hear it in the background? Some microphones do this and some don’t.