Beginner's Question

I am using OSX 10.8.4. And Audacity 2.0.3

I am trying to make test recordings using an internet radio stream. I am using a USB headset. When listening to an internet radio stream, I click record. It just records silence.
Core Audio is set to core audio and cant be changed
The next option is set to Logitech USB headset, I could change it to Built-in output
The next is set to Logitech USB headset, it could be set to built-in input, or built in microphone
The last one says 1 (Mono) Input Chanel and cant be changed. I would like to set it to stereo.

I have tried disconnecting the USB headset, still unable to record.

I am able to record my own speech using the Logitech USB headset’s microphone, but nothing else.

Apologies to ask such basic questions. Hope you can help. . . .

This page explains how to record streaming audio on Mac:
– Bill

Hi Billw58,

Thanks very much. I followed the link, and after much puzzling I have got it to record.

Just a comment, I dont expect an answer but, for a non-computer literate person it is a long struggle to do it. It would be great if someone could simplify the process for ignorants like me. I would be happy to be involved as the ‘standard ignorant’ if any one is interested.


Glad you got it working.
We would love to make it simpler to record streaming music, but doing so is dependent on the computer and on modern computers it is often a difficult task - they don’t make it easy.

Recording internal audio is not a standard service like running the mouse or making the screen light up. Some computers don’t do it at all. We would kill to be able to publish a simplified process to do this, but remember also it has to work on Mac, Linux, and Windows – all versions (and we’re volunteers). The best we could do is the pages of instructions on the wiki – and sometimes even then it doesn’t work.