Beginner's help needed [SOLVED]

Trying to record sound on my Labtec C-324 headphone/micrphone. Using HP Windows 7 with 64-bit, AMD processoer-3.0 GHz, 4.00 GB Ram. I have read quick help and part of manual. When I click to record nothing appears. Wish I could have someone talk me through this. I have used Audacity to burn LP records to a cd. Help, please!

Labtec C-324 headphone/micrphone.

That is a “headset.” A matched “set” of headphones and microphone.

You have to tell Audacity where your microphone is connected.

It’s not USB, is it? It’s connected like this:

Go to the Audacity Device Toolbar and select the computer’s Microphone Input, Mic-In, or whatever your machine calls it.


Koz: Thanks for the reply. Your picture of plug-in is correct. I finally managed to record; you can imagine my embarrassment when I tell you that the mute switch on the microphone was on “mute”!! I will carry on with learning more about recording on Audacity. Thanks again.