Beat matching

Hi there!

I’m trying to cross fade from one version of a song to another and another. Is there a way to ‘beat match’ that I’m not seeing, other than just eyeballing up the wave-forms??

thanks for any help anyone can offer!


In Audacity 1.3.x there is a “Beat Finder” in the “Analyze” menu.
It never works as well as people want it to, but it may indicate enough to help with the cross fade.

Note that the Beat Finder creates labels on the first label track, so to create separate label tracks for two tracks you can use the following procedure:

(this is just for 2 tracks, but you can extend the method for more tracks)

  1. Roughly line up your tracks.
  2. Place the track that will play first below the track that will play later (You can click and drag the track up and down by click and dragging on the info box at the left of the track)
  3. Select a section toward the end of the earlier track and select “Beat Finder” from the Analyze menu
  4. Create a new label track from the “Track” menu and drag it so that it is immediately below the later track
  5. Now select the first part of the later track and use the Beat Finder on it - the beats should now be marked on the new label track.
  6. You can drag the first label track up so that it is just above the earlier track, and just below the second label track.
  7. By selecting both the later track and its label track, you can drag the two together with the “Time Shift” tool (Hot Key “F5”)
  8. Finally you can make your fades using the “Envelope Tool” (Hot Key “F2”)

The screen shot below shows the arrangement of tracks, but also shows how it is probably easier to do it by “just eyeballing up the wave-forms” (“Ctrl+Mouse Wheel” is the quick way to zoom in and out on a track)