Beat Matching

I want to do a remix of a song (actually it’s more like using short samples of a song as the backbone of a gabber/hardcore song that I want to create) but the biggest pain is trying to match the BPM on my drum machine with the beat used in the song that’s being sampled. Is there some type of plug-in that helps with this? Maybe something magical that can tell you what the exact BPM of a song is? That would be great.

Also, is there a more professional way of looping samples in Audacity, besides copying and pasting the sample over and over again into their own tracks and having to match each one with my beat? I suppose the obvious answer would be to get more professional software like Reason or Cubase… but I like to keep things simple, which is why I use Audacity. I’m also poor, lazy, and afraid to take on new challenges. But anyway…

EDIT: I just tried using the Beat Finder tool and I found it to be pretty useless.

I have had this problem too and would love to know what can be done. I did an experiment, i set the audacity click at say 150bpm, then i got a drum machine (zoom rt 223) and recorded a click at 149, 150, and 151 bpm and tried to line them up without success. the drum machine at 150 slowly got faster and the drum machine click at 149 stayed behind. basically there was no way to line up anything (over a long period, say 20sec) without it going out of time with audacity. I assume its got to do with the quality of the sound card and the computer processing speed but someone can probably give a more detailed anaysis im sure. In my case i think that once something in in audacity then unless im playing live to it then there is no way to match it with electronic equipment such as drum machines. If someone can shed some light on how to fix this that would be awsome as i like to write songs to a click then program beats after but at present i cant do this unless i program the drums first then play to it.

sorry i havent helped you mattDLR but i do feel your pain!!!

Well, I did some Googling and found a program from that claims to accurately count a song’s BPM. I tried it with one of my own songs (because I already know their BPMs for a fact) and quickly realized it was a piece of shit.

The best thing I could find is this:

You just listen to the song and tap along with it on your keyboard and it tries to guess the approximate BPM. The problem is the results change every single time you tap, so you just have to pay attention to which number(s) reoccur the most.

Now that I solved my first problem, would anybody mind helping me with the second (about looping samples and sequencing)? Perhaps I should create a new topic.