Beat Grid Not Displaying in Audacity 3.4


I have installed audacity 3.4 and I have problems with displaying the new beat grid and snap feature. Under the green triangle on the timeline, it displays the minutes and seconds and beats and measures options. However, when I select either I get a full stop next to them rather that a tick. The snap option is selected. It doesn’t matter what I do the grid is not displayed and it is clear behind the waveform. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Try Tracks > Add New > Mono Track

Thanks Jademan. This does show the grid. However, when I import the audio file I am working with the grid does not display on that waveform.

So the grid only appears on empty tracks or in the empty space between audio clips.

yeah, the current workaround is to just keep an empty track nearby. It’ll definitely be continuous across the entire screen for Audacity 4, I’m not sure if we’ll fix it for 3.x

Yes, doesn’t appear behind any imported waveform just a blank slot.

Thanks for the reply.

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