BDL audio files trouble exporting back to same format

Hello all.

I am trying to alter a sound file from a game written in .BDL
-I can import the sound file and listen to the sound and change it accordingly, but when trying to export it back to .BDL format I am having issues as there are no option for it. I tried putting it under “other uncompressed file” and then select header less but its still not working correctly.

Any ideas?

Thank you

I’ve never heard of it and Internet searching doesn’t find anything audio related (as far as I went).

Do you know anything about it?

Where did it come from?

Do you have any other way of making one?

What does [u]MediaInfoOnline[/u] say about your file?

it’s from codemasters formula one games, most car files since 2014 I believe have been in that format.

Audacity will open and edit many more formats than it will write. For one example, Audacity will open the sound portion of many video formats, but you need a video editor to put the edited sound back into the video.

Export the edit as perfect quality WAV and then use gamer generator software to make the final product.


I tried looking around online for a bdl file generator but there is not much information out there on it. I was assuming since it can import the file properly it could export it the same.

It “might” be possible if we knew what the actual format was. “.bdl” is a proprietary file extension with no published specification. As Doug asked, what does mediainfo say about the file format?