BBE Sonicsweet plugin

Anyone try this effect plugin on version 2.0.5? is it compatible?


See .

According to Sonic Maximizer did not appear in Audacity Beta with the old VST Bridge. It “may” be usable to run on a stopped track in current Audacity (which does not use VST Bridge) or it may not.

“Maximisers” and “fatteners” are not exactly a rare type of effect. Try searching here for example: .


I’m using Windows 8.1, 64-bit. I believe I downloaded the .exe installer.
I couldn’t really see much of anything that looked promising at the site you mentioned. The effects all seemed to be in the VST (format?) (protocol?).
BBE lists compatibility with Windows® RTAS, VST. Not exactly sure what the acronyms mean. They’ve a list of compatible sequencing/audio editing programs but Audacity isn’t mentioned. I love the clean, simple “look” that Aud. employs and its straightforward methods. All the programs I’ve seen have so much eye-candy and clutter that it makes them hard to work with.
My current goal is to sweeten and fatten some material currently on cassette. I’ve had good luck with BBE hardware and have heard good things about the software ver, as well.

thanks again.

RTAS is a plug-in format supported by ProTools and not much else: Real Time AudioSuite - Wikipedia
Audacity does not support RTAS.

VST is a plug-in format that is widely supported by DAW (digital audio workstation) software, including Reaper, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro and many others: Virtual Studio Technology - Wikipedia
Audacity has partial support for VST.

Audacity does not support “VSTi” (VST instruments).
Audacity does not support “real time” processing in VST plug-ins, or any functionality that depends on real time processing.
Audacity does not support MIDI in VST plug-ins, or any functionality that depends on MIDI support.
Audacity does not support cryptographic authorization, such as iLock (
Some VST plug-ins don’t work in Audacity for unknown reasons.

We only really know which plug-ins work in Audacity and which don’t from what users tell us. That information is recorded here: Missing features - Audacity Support