Batman Bane voice tutorial

hi everyone,

as you can see I’m new here. I’m trying to make my voice sound like Bane from Batman. I found 1-2 tutorials but they don’t really work for me, because the people already do a good impression of bane when they just record their voice. I hope someone can point me to a good tutorial or give me step by step method how to do it.

Thank you very much!

That is the key to it and there is no way round that.
You can change things like “tone” (frequency content), speed, tempo and you can add effects to the voice, but the “character” of the voice is in the subtle nuances and you can’t change that - you will need to practice your impersonation skills. Your impersonation does not need to be perfect - if you can get somewhere close and then apply the effects described in those tutorials, then given an appropriate clue* it will probably be close enough.

  • note that even professional impersonators give “clues” before doing an impression: "Ah look, here comes Bane from Batman…" [start impression now]

people already do a good impression of bane

There is no acting effect or filter. Announcer or presenter, either.