Batch Split Of Stereo to Mono, Keeping Just "Left" [SOLVED]

Version: 2.0.5
Used .exe
Windows 7 x64 SP1

I have a CD from the music leader at my church, however the performance cd is a split track, with the Music on the Left and the Vocals on the Right. The Music Leader wants to use the CD at another church, but apparently they don’t have their CD player set up for Right/Left panning. Being a performance track, each song is several tracks, 99 total. I tried the Chain, but the StereoToMono mixes down the Music and the Vocals to a single mono track.

My question: Is there a way to batch split stereo tracks in Audacity, keeping only the Left, and exporting that to a file?
If not, is there a program you can recommend?

I got pieces: Use the little black arrow on the left and Split Stereo To Mono. That will give you two mono tracks where the original stereo was. Then destroy one track. Mono will blow back out to stereo in the CD authoring program.

Another fragment: I think if you use the fader to the left of the track and go all the way one direction, you will export a stereo track with only that one side audible.


You can use the Channel Mixer plug-in to make the right side the same as the left side (the previous “left” channel will then be on both left and right).
The Channel Mixer plug-in can be used in a Chain.
You can download it here:
Installation instructions:

You just saved me 2-3 hours of editing, thank you sir!