Batch Render Multiple Selections into an album and tag metadata

Hello, I think audacity is missing the ability to batch render multiple slices of a track at once like this:

into a folder. And you can additional get metadata from a discogs url to automatically tag the title/artist/ other metadata for each song. I have been doing this using the mod script pipeline with a python3 pip package called vinyl2digital that I made. It works but the mod-script-pipeline is very hard to get working, and it’s not available for linux build users. So I would want to implement a small ui to “Batch Export Audio” similar to batch export selected audio, and you could specify to use default / manual / web tag sources. Would be very convenient and powerful! I would love to make this work, should I compile audacity locally, add this feature, then make a PR? Would that allow this new feature to get added to future builds?
thx, martin

“mod-script-pipe” (the module for Python scripting) should be available in Linux builds (unless you are using a very old version of Audacity, or a “sandboxed” build (Flatpack / Snap packages may be sandboxed and exclude mod-script-pipe).
Audacity 2.3.3 from the Ubuntu 20.04 repository has mod-script-pipe, and it works.

Modules are disabled by default. They have to be enabled in “Edit menu > Preferences > Modules”, and then quit and restart Audacity.

Macros are intentionally limited to a list of commands. No looping. No conditional branching. No advanced programming features.
Even with this narrow scope, Macros are still very powerful tools.
The main developer of Macros considered it very important to avoid making Macros too complicated, as that would exclude the majority of users.

For more “advanced” automation, there are two main options:

  1. Scripting with Python (or any external language that supports “named pipes”)
  2. “Nyquist Macros” (see:

I think that Python is the way to go with that.
(Nyquist does not have any network connectivity)

Thanks, I finalized and released my mod-script-pipe app: vinyl2digital

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