Batch Removing Extra Tracks in Multitrack WAV Files


MAC OSX 10.10.5

I was wondering if anyone has an suggestions on how to quickly process a series of multitrack wav files so that it strips all audio channels except for track 01. Basically I am processing a series of files to be uploaded to the web, and our uploader does not give the option to choose which audio files to include. Because track 01 is a mix of all the other tracks, it is the only track that we need, and uploading multi track wavs (sometimes with as many as 10 or 12 individual tracks embedded) tends to screw with the web browser we use for viewing the files. If there is more than one audio track, it doesn’t play with with our viewer.

If Anyone has any insight to this, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.

Broadcast WAV?


Are you asking if it is a broadcast wav?

It is a series of .wav files straight out of a Zaxcom DEVA. The extension is .wav, not .bwf, so I am guessing no?

If the “WAV” files open correctly in Audacity, then you can:

  1. Open Audacity
  2. “File > Import > Audio” and import a file
  3. Click on the panel on the left end of the first track (take care to avoid clicking on any of the buttons or sliders). This will “select” the first track and it will be highlighted.
  4. “File > Export Selected Audio” to export the selected audio.
  5. When the export is complete, “Ctrl+W” to close the project. Click the “No” button when prompted to save the project. The current project window will close and a new Audacity Project window will open.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 as required.

Audacity does not currently have the ability to automate these steps. It may be possible to automate it using a third party automation program such as AutoHotKeys.

As an alternative, it may be possible to write a batch script for SoX (