batch remove gaps from MP3

I’ve heard it’s possible to batch remove gaps from MP3s to achieve gapless playback on my MP3 player (using rockbox firmware) My MP3s where originally encoded with WMP11 and now I’ve realized that all have typical gaps between tracks.
Anyone with experience in this area?
Thanks for any help

You can tell by the pile of questions on top of yours, it’ s “no.”

Please don’t confuse the Red Book Audio CD Default 2-second Song Separator for anything that happens in the natural world.

For most audio production, if you put two songs on an editing timeline right after each other, they will butt right together with no gap. This is assuming the songs were performed by you in front of an actual microphone and recorded live. If you got the songs from anywhere else, then the songs are a complete slave to wherever they came from and the assumptions that were made before you got there.

If you found a software package (Win Amp 11??) that automatically burns two seconds of silence into each song, I don’t know of any serious way to take it out without editing. Many music software packages allow you to change the inter-song time delay in a preference panel somewhere. That’s worth a shot. Doing it in post production is not.