Batch process to split stereo track, delete L channel, save R channel?

Greetings. Throwing myself at your collective mercy.

My first batch of work contains 500 mp3 files with a single R/L stereo track. Manually, I can open a single file, choose “split stereo track” from the pulldown menu, close the left channel, and export the right channel alone to a new mp3 file.

But I cannot seem to make this happen as a macro, after hours of work. The “stereo to mono” macro combines both channels into a single mono channel with audio from both the stereo channels. And there is no “split stereo track” macro available.

Any pointers or direction on this would be gratefully accepted. I’ve also tried GUI scripting but that’s apparently not an option.

Audacity 2.3.2 on Mojave 10.14.4 on an older Macbook Pro.

Thank you.

If you install the “Channel Mixer” plug-in (Missing features - Audacity Support), you can duplicate one channel into the other channel, then use the “stereo to mono” macro command.

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